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Review of Ikon Collectables 10 inch Bust

At $100AU, this is perhaps the best value priced statue for the phan! No matter what your budget is from a school kid surviving on pocket money to the baby boomers on a pension and those in between with kids and a mortgage we can afford a statement piece for your office, skull cave or lounge room.

It is far from a perfect item with me not being a phan of the poor paint job with it either being a problem with the quality or the decision to make the costume look dirty. Plus I am unsure on the need for my Phantom to wear blush and lipstick.

However my biggest grip is the Skull Cave at the back of the bust. In theory it sounds like a great idea but the execution has failed. Would have been better to just have the bust with no Skull cave. It looks like a skull inside a skull.

Even though I have highlighted the faults, the price makes it very appealable and desirable for any phan to buy and display in their collection.

I give it a 3.5 good marks out of five.

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