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Regal Publishers: The Phantom Issues #13, #14 & #15 Review

The latest issues of #13, #14 & #15 comes as a relief to phans, who were anxious about the future of the series, and also nicely coincides with the first anniversary of Regal's publishing of the title. With three books out after a 3 month gap, it remains to be seen what the new publishing schedule will be for Regal.

As usual the comics are printed in the same high quality thick gloss paper (similar to the high-quality colour trade paperbacks of Frew) that was very well received and since in use from the first time it was presented with the 2020 Christmas Special Issues #5 & #6.

Issue #13's cover is by Vincent Moses Raja and comes with a free mini poster of the cover art. The stories included are the dailies of 'Temple of The Gods Part 1 - The U-Boat Mystery' and 'Temple of The Gods Part 2 - Return to Eden'. Both stories have been written by Tony DePaul. Part 1 has been illustrated partly by George Olesen with Keith Williams on inks and finished by Paul Ryan (who started his long career on the strip from the middle of this story) who is also the artist of Part 2. A great issue considering it collects both parts of what I consider a really intriguing epic story.

Issue #14's cover is drawn by Ankit Mitra (yours truly) and it comes with a free sticker of The Phantom based off the the issue's cover art. The stories included are the Sunday Strips of 'Woduro's Secret' written by the late Claes Reimerthi (RIP) and 'The Viking Fortress Mystery', written by Tony DePaul. Both stories have been illustrated by Graham Nolan.

Issue #15's cover is drawn by Ankit Mitra (yours truly again) and it comes with a free card which is based off the issue's cover art. The stories included are the Tony DePaul written dailies 'The Ghost Wall', drawn by George Olesen with Kieth Williams on inks and 'The Crime Apprentices', drawn by Paul Ryan.

It's great to see Regal come back from this period of uncertainty with their familiar high quality production values. And also capping off their one year of publishing 'The Phantom' with three issues in one go feels like a good boost to get back that impetus all over again!

The price for each issue is 200 Indian Rupees which is about: $3.66 Australian Dollars, $2.69 US Dollars, 2.27 Euro & 23.11 Swedish Krona. (Approximate Rates)

Due to licensing limitations, Regal can only sell & ship to addresses within India - so for Phans living outside India, I recommend you befriend an Indian Phan & have these books bought & shipped to you by them. If not, FREW are selling some copies of this series via their website, and I'm sure these issues too will show up for order there - although in very limited quantity.

Regal have an Amazon Storefront for Indian Phans who would like to order these books from

Issues #1 to #6 can be ordered HERE

Issues #7 to 10 can be ordered HERE

Issues #11, #12 & Mandrake #1 can be ordered HERE

Issues #13, #14 & #15 can be ordered HERE

For any assistance regarding ordering these books directly from Regal you can contact Regal Publishers here:

Regal Publishers

Whatsapp & Phone No: +91 94810 52592




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