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Phantom Preservation Project - Updates

We love our patreons, we really do. It's their support that keeps this little corner of the Internet alive, covering the costs and motivating us to find the time to keep working on all the various elements of the site.

We really value it, and so in gratitude today we offer the list below as additions to our ever-expanding digital collection of Phantom history, the Phantom Preservation Project (full list in attached Index).

The link unlocking the full extent of the P3 has been sent to our $5/month patreons, and can be accessed via our Patreon page.

Coming soon for all Patreon supporters is another little surprise, hopefully in time for a little ChronicleChamber goodness under the Christmas tree - watch this space!

Stay safe and as always, Happy Phantoming!

New this month:

  • Luca Erbetta's process work for the cover of Fantomen 12/2020

  • 22 newspaper posts, magazine articles, and advertisements from around the world, including a contemporary double-page spread from 'Comic Scene' #44 about Jeanne Bates (Diana in the 1941 serial) 

  • 4 letters and ads from the Official Phantom Club (Aust 1990s) 

  • The Phantom's recent cameo appearance in Terry Beatty's "Judge Parker" 

  • A 1985 TV ad for the Galoob DOTE toys 

  • 2 videos from Finland in the 1990s 

  • Bill Lignante's appearance on the American game show 'What's My Line?'


Recent Phantom Happenings

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