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Phan Meeting in Melbourne Sunday 31st July 2022

Do you live in or around Melbourne and love hanging around Phantom phans & Phantom creators? If so, this meet up will tickle you purple!

Thanks to phaithful phew phans living in or around Melbourne they are opening up a meeting between phans and creators on Sunday 31st July 2022 at the Club Kilsyth located at 1-15 Canterbury Road, Bayswater North Victoria 3153 at 11:30am.

From what we understand, Frew creators in cover artist Grange Wallis, writer & artist Matt Kyme and Frew writer Duncan Munro will all be attending. We believe even a member of team Chronicle Chamber will be in attendance - if he can get himself out of the car!

What also makes this phan catchup even more special is that Bradley and his super supporting wife Joyful Peach will be there with their Phantomised RV designed by Grange Wallis. Only a few phans have seen it in real life so here is your chance to get a photo with this statement piece. Below are some photos of the few lucky phans.

If you would like to attend please contact phans Terry Krahe and Bradley Peach on Facebook.

This could be the chance for many to agree on what a collective noun of many Phantom phans are called.


If you are organising a phan catch up in your country, city or area, let us know so we can help you promote it.

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