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New Phantom Sculptures out of Brazil

In the last week or two a new Phantom bust has appeared in the Facebook feeds of many Phantom phans. The detailed life-like sculpture has certainly caught a few people's attention!

We've been in touch with artist Fabio Collt, artist and operator of Collt Studios in Brazil, to ask a few questions about his history with the character, the piece he's created, and his future plans in this space.

Like many readers of this website, Fabio has been a Phantom phan for as long as he can remember "via drawings, comics, movies and I've always been a fan". He is a professional sculptor based in Fortaleza, Brazil. When asked about the inspiration for this particular sculpture, Fabio tells us "I didn't see many cool statues of the character, so I decided to produce [one myself]".

The lifelike rendition was originally sculpted in clay with resin casts made from the mold. Based on references Fabio has in his studio, it stands 26 cm tall and is available in purple or red, with the colour chosen by the customer. Each piece is individually hand-painted.

Priced at $250USD and strictly limited to 50 pieces only, at the time of writing 10 have already sold, including both red and purple variants. Fabio is happy to post worldwide, with the bust and base packed securely in polystyrene foam packaging.

While the sculpture is not licensed by King Features, Fabio tells us "I will consider this in the future".

Those future plans include the production of two more statues. These are planned as dioramas in 1/6 and 1/4 scale. "One will be on the Skull Throne, and the other one I'm working on."

For further details and to express interest in this remarkable sculpture, please contact Fabio Collt directly via Facebook.


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