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Mallon 85th Anniversary Diary Preview

The Chronicle Chamber team is excited to share our preview of the 2021 Phantom Diary, soon to be released from Mallon Publishing in Australia.

We've been sent an exclusive plotter's proof to share with phans and got the chance to have a good long through at it in the video below.

Full disclosure - we at Chronicle Chamber are contributing editors to the book so might be a little biased, but this is honestly a fantastic celebration of our hero in his 85th year and well worth adding to your Phantom library.

As you'll see, this book is a diary by name but in reality is so much more. The careful curation of unfolding Phantom history is both a visual feast and an information smorgasbord. It features detailed notes about important Phantom dates regarding stories, lore, creators, and publishers, all laid alongside intelligent and thoughtfully chosen imagery from all corners of the world

But don't take our word for it - watch the video below and judge for yourself!

To pre-order, download the order form at this link and Email it directly to Mallon


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