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French Publisher Editions Dante Back To Publishing TPBs

Editions Dante are giving the Phantom a good shake and not giving up which is a welcomed sight.

Their first TPB in April 2020 was very successful with the issue sold out.

They then started printing a regular series which included digital comics. From what we understand, this was not as popular after two issues.

Announced in September Editions Dante are going back to TPB's. This time a mammoth 400 pages featuring stories from the Gold Key/King/Charlton series.

You can buy their comics at their website. Release date is October 2021.

What is really exciting is that we have been told that in November an English version of the same mammoth 400 page book will be released in English as well.

Have any of our readers brought any of these comics? We would love to be able to include these reviews on our platform, if you can help, please email us.


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