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Do you want to be Featured in a Frew Phantom Story?

One of the best feelings any Phantom phan can experience is seeing themselves feature in a Phantom story. This is something some phans have already experienced in the last few years including Ed Rhoades, Pete Klaus, Ulf Granberg, Paul Andreas Jonassen, Sammy J, Rene White, Duncan Munro, Jaime Diaz and even the crew at Chronicle Chamber.

Every one of those phans have enjoyed the experience and now you also have the option to experience it yourself and it will only cost you $700AU ($500US, 475euro & 5,000 kr).

Dudley Hogarth, the publisher today announced to subscribers about the chance for you to feature in an upcoming story that will be published by Frew in the next few years. To be a part of this, email Dudley at

This is the perfect Christmas, birthday, wedding/engagement or celebrational present your loved ones could buy you.

The email from Dudley Hogarth reads

When we find an appropriate story to cast you as a walk on...that's your moment to shine for all eternity, sitting side by side with the other classic Phantom stories in the Chronicles!
All you have to do is let us know that you want your face and name in a Phantom story. Send us a good quality picture of your face front on and side profile, and of your full body front and profile, our talented artist will take care of the rest.
The cost of this very rare insertion and collectable Phantom, priceless!!! Frew are offering this rare jewel of a collectable for $700
We won't send you out an invoice until an appropriate story for your image is with the artist and about to be drawn. It may be this year or next... perhaps the year after, as new stories take a long time.

Here are a couple of examples of phans being shown in stories through out the years.


Recent Phantom Happenings

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