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Collecting Memories: A Love Story - Art Exhibition (Minneapolis, USA)

The guys at SuperMonster市City have just announced a new exhibition titled "Collecting Memories: A Love Story". In the exhibition there will be a section featuring the Phantom.

Here is a great video featuring David Barnhill talking about the exhibition and his love for the Phantom. His enthusiasm for the character is infectious - we recommend watching the video.

The details for the exhibition are:

  • Dates: April 28 from 5-9pm and runs thru May 8

  • Address: Squirrel Haus Arts 3450 Snelling Ave Minneapolis MN

The guys at SuperMonster市City have described the event as an immersive and fun art installation that features vintage toys from the 1960’s – present, family photos, recordings, an original soundscape, and augmented reality.

This lyrical exploration into the mind of a collector, delves into nostalgia, memory and identity. This exhibition reveals the hidden and personal memories we all embed into pop culture objects.

In addition to experiencing the joy of seeing vintage toys from the past 60 years, the installation includes low tech and high-tech interventions to engage audiences.

Attendees will experience visual tricks and audio stimulations; open-ended written prompts and an augmented reality experience produced by REM5 Virtual Reality Lab.

Any phans from that area that will go and visit the exhibition?

You can follow the event via Facebook here or via their website.


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