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2021 Mallon Diary ready to pre-order

We all know that 2020 has been a nightmare of a year – time to look forward to a brighter 2021 and what better way than with your very own Phantom diary!

Practical and collectible, the 136-page Anniversary edition promises to be the best ever produced by Mallon Publishing, renowned for their Phantom publications over the past 25 years. This diary, the first product we are aware of to celebrate the 85th Anniversary of the character, is much more than just a book to record your upcoming appointments and family birthdays; it is a treasure trove of Phantom facts, trivia, and lore.

The book is fully licensed through King Features and structured to explore the rich 8½ decades of Phantom history, identifying hundreds of significant moments in the newspaper strip and other licensed stories from around the world. Key events in global production, collecting, and pop culture are also included.

The diary is so packed with Phantom information that many phans may well come to consider this to be a reference book more than anything else! No matter how much of a phan you are, this book promises to reveal a new depth of information about your favourite character that you will never have been aware of.

Mallon has sourced input, information and images scans from phans and collectors across the globe, with over a dozen contributors to the content (including us here at the Chronicle Chamber team). While Mallon is an Australian publisher, this volume will be relevant for phans all around the world.

An internationally popular Phantom artist has been commissioned to produce the cover, which will be released as soon as it has been delivered, formatted and prepared for use – watch this space!

Some readers will note that the price point is higher than previous editions, which reflects the extra hours of work in creating, compiling and editing content. This is not your standard Mallon diary and should not be equated to previous publications.

With three levels including the Trade Edition, Limited Edition and Special Limited Edition offer available, there will a level that suits most phans – and certainly something to add to the Christmas wish list! Bear in mind that there will only be 300 copies of the Limited Edition.

It is definitely worth noting that, with the possible exception of some specialty shops, the diary will only be available online because of downturn in retail sales in these COVID times. The only way to guarantee yourself a copy of this collectible volume is to order it online.

With the final content Mallon is currently seeking interest via pre-orders, which can be sent in via the order form available here.


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