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2021 LFMBEC Dinner #32 is on!

The yearly LFMBEC dinners in Australia are back on!

LFMBEC Members have been receiving emails by the head instigator Richard Fry of plans of the great evening including who the guest speaker is. This is the first dinner in two years with no dinner in 2020 after the COVID-19 pandemic wrecked many comic conventions and international travel.

LFMBEC Dinners are held on the same weekend as Sydney Supanova which is held June 19-20 2021. The dinner is on Saturday 19th June. If you would like to learn more about the event and club, please visit the website

Please note, this event is not open for all and is invite only.

Chris Boylan will be the main guest and is the man behind the “Man Who Cannot Die” book: the study of the Phantom shields of the New Guinea Highlands. You can learn more about the book here and buy the book here.

Chris is a familiar and intrepid figure in the New Guinea Highlands which he has visited many times. He has been robbed by some tribes and then had his money returned threefold by friendly tribesmen who have retrieved his losses.

All the while he was researching the history, the diversity and the mysteries of the Phantom shields and the reason our Purple Clad Hero has become embedded into the psyche of these tribes while Superman, Batman … etc have not.

Chris is a renowned art dealer specialising in the art of Oceania who regularly holds exhibitions in London, Paris, San Francisco and New York.

Rita Uechtritz who is involved with the book, gave a speech about the book at the 2019 LFMBEC dinner and you can listen to her talking about her experience through the Wahgi tribe and their shields either here or via the audio play section below. She speaks from 1hour, 3 minutes 30 seconds.


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