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Phantom Phundraiser - Bushfire Appeal

As most Phantom phans are undoubtedly aware, the summer of 2019/2020 has been and continues to be a particularly brutal one in Australia.

Unprecedented devastating bushfires have engulfed huge areas of our island continent. At the time of writing, 28 lives have been tragically lost including a number of heroic volunteer firefighters. On top of this, over 5900 buildings have been razed to the ground including over 2200 homes, 26 million acres (10.7 million hectares) of bushland devastated, and an estimated half a billion animals killed. The crisis is far from over, with fires continuing to burn uncontrollably around the nation right now.

The global response has been amazing, with Hollywood celebrities, sporting stars and everyday people digging deep to aid the recovery effort.

We at Chronicle Chamber have wondered how we could help mobilise the Phantom community to make our own small contribution. In response, we’ve developed our own phundraiser idea - only made possible by the assistance and generosity of a variety of Phantom artists from around the globe.

Amazing creators from around the world are contributing to a book that Chronicle Chamber is having professionally printed, with all sales to support the bushfire relief appeal.

A mock-up of Sal Velluto's contribution

We are contacting creators, asking them to supply a unique Phantom image linked in some way to the bushfire crisis and recovery efforts. Sal Velluto, Josef Rubinstein, Lou Manna and Sy Barry have all already joined this effort and are offering their time and talents. More emails and messages will be flying to all corners of the globe now that we have a full head of steam on this project.

If you are an artist and you see this post, haven't received a message but are keen - get in touch, please! We understand if you have to say no, we understand that many of you will be under the pump with deadlines and so forth... but if you can help us, that'd be great!

No one is obligated to contribute, but many are committing to sketching/drawing/painting/etc a Phantom image of their own choosing and sending us a high res scan for inclusion in the volume.

They have or will also sell/auction/raffle the original art (if drawn traditionally) as a further personal donation, but purchasing this unique volume will be the only way to own a print copy of all the pieces.

If you are an artist and would like to contribute, please email us at

We are beyond grateful that printing is being donated by the wonderful people at Jeffries Printing Services - without their help this project would not be able to get off the ground. Chronicle Chamber will cover the cost of distribution.

The book is being advertised and sold to phans worldwide, with every cent of the proceeds being donated to Red Cross Australia.

With the Australian audience long being a mainstay of the Phantom community, we hope that many phans will take the opportunity to contribute to the larger bushfire appeal by purchasing this one-of-a-kind Phantom collectible.

This book represents not only a unique addition to your Phantom collection but also an excellent way to contribute to the relief effort for all who have suffered immeasurably.

Final purchase price for the book will be determined by how many pages it runs to, which will of course be determined by how many artists come on board. We are conscious of making it affordable enough for everyday phans, but also priced high enough to raise a significant total.

The final price will include shipping, and we will be shipping internationally.

Thank you.

Again, if you are an artist or creator and would like to contribute, please email us at

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