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2020 Fantomen Softcover & Christmas Album Available for Pre Order

You can now pre order the Fantomen 2020 Softcover and Christmas Albums online with them being released in the next few months.

You can either pre order directly from the websites:

Or you can order them via leftlets that have now been sent out to customers (pictured to the right).

The Softcover Album is usually made available at the Gottenberg Book Fair between Thursday 26 September to Sunday 27 September 2020 (website). The cover is designed by Luca Erbetta with more information found here.

Luca did go into detail about the cover in X-Band: The Phantom Podcast Episode #160.

The cover artist for the 2020 Christmas Album is Henrik Salhstrom. The stories included in the Christmas Album are:

  • "Juveltjuvarna" ("The Crime Apprentices") by Tony DePaul and Paul Ryan

  • "De försvunna katakomberna" ("The Ossuary") by Tony DePaul and Paul Ryan

Along with the above stories a facsimile copy of the Fantomen Christmas Album 1970 with cover by Rolf Gohs will also be included, the two stories are:

  • "Den sköna häxan" ("Venus of the Jungle") by unknown Fratelli Spada creator and Angelo Todaro

  • "Von Burgers sista safari" ("A Strange Hunter") by unknown Fratelli Spada creator and Lamberto Lombardi

When these albums become available they will be included in our X-Band: The Phantom Podcast comics and news reviews by our Swedish correspondent Mikael Lyck.

Henrik has done a great job capturing the Paul Ryan tone of his Phantom and with the lighting effects in this cover. It is always more dramatic with some light from underneath the Phantom.

What is interesting is that the 2019 Christmas Album included the first two parts of the Temple of the Gods storyline and the 2020 does not. Mikael Lyck was fairly critical of this inclusion in his review of the album. Maybe his criticism was heard. If you would like to watch his review of it, you can via the YouTube video below.


Thanks to Mikael Lyck, Henrik Salhstrom and the Phantom Wiki for the information.


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