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Phantom at Sydney Comic Con in September

Frew has been at Supanova Sydney for three years now, and this year they have taken the next step to attend to their local: Oz Comic Con in Sydney on September 29 & 30 this year.

This is an exciting step for Australian phans, with the Phantom now having a dedicated presence at one of their foremost comic conventions.

Along with Frew having their own booth (which is Booth B131) many other Phantom creators will be attending! These include back cover artist Camillo Di Pietrantonio (Booth AA72), cover artist Jamie Johnson (Booth AA63), author Christopher Sequeira (Booth AA38), cover artist Daniel Picciotto (Booth AA58) and cover artist Marcelo Baez (Booth AA54).

If you missed getting a sketch cover from Jamie, Daniel, Marcelo and Camillo, they will all be available for commissions and sketch covers. No confirmations but I assume they will also have prints or other Phantom pieces to pick up and add to your collection.

Team CC have spent time talking to each of them and they are all top blokes who love chatting about the Phantom. Go, have a chat and say hi from us.

No word from Frew yet what they will have on their booth but we assume they will have a similar range to Supanova, but adding their new 80th Anniversary comic (and sketch cover) and the full release of the Kid Phantom trade paperback. I would not be surprised if Frew releases something else to coincide with their attendance with Comic Con and anniversary this month.

It is important to support local artists, talent and of course our favourite Phantom publisher. Go down to do some Phantoming, tell them they are doing a great job and make sure you buy something!

Maybe the next step is to attend interstate comic conventions? If that happens you will know via Chronicle Chamber.

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