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Who Wants a copy of the Italian Language Fumetto #106 Magazine?

Anyone who has been following Massimo Gamberi on Facebook would have seen this cover of the Phantom with Guran, Hero, Devil, the Skull Cave and an exploding volcano in the background.

Well for those who did not know its for an Italian Language comic related magazine for the art / comic festival which was just held. Massimo was asked to do the cover.

Big Massimo phan and phriend Anthony Gillies has worked out a deal to get some copies to Australia. If interested in a copy read on...

Interested in a copy of the Italian-language Fumetto 106, the Phantom-themed issue, sporting the red-costumed cover by Marvellous Massimo Gamberi?

Paolo Galliniari, the president of Associazione Nazionale Amici del Fumetto e dell'Illustrazione (ANAFI) and producer of the mag, is happy to supply copies of Fumetto 106 to Australian phans, should there be sufficient interest.

If there is sufficient interest, he proposes at this stage that a small bulk delivery of the mags be sent to me, so that I can forward them on to phans. The reason is economies of scale. It will be cheaper per mag to send many rather than one.

At this stage the price is $31.00. The final price is uncertain but it should be in the vicinity of $30. A mag will cost 12 euros and shipping in bulk to Australia is estimated to be about 5 euros per mag. The cost to send them on in Australia is uncertain but is estimated to be between $5.50 and $6.00. A mag can be sent as a large letter (stamp cost of $5.00) but I will have to construct cardboard envelopes to send them on.

A price of $31.00 should crystallise your focus.

Please note I do not wish to and I will not make any money out of this. I just simply do not wish to be out of pocket buying stamps and adequate cardboard/packaging to send the mags on and in money transfers. The idea is to supply a copy of the mag at the cheapest price to Australian phans.

Please indicate your interest by 11.00pm Monday night. Please contact me either by personal message on Facebook or at I will supply bank details so that you can make an upfront payment of $31.00. When the mags arrive I will ship them out to you and refund the difference between $31.00 and the costs of postage, both for Italy to Australia and internally. I wish to thank Paolo for making these mags available.

Below is a gallery of the process of the cover from pencils, to inks, to colours to being received by grateful phans.

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