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A Heroic Conclusion

Sammy J's Hero Complex came to an end in Melbourne last night, and thanks to his former school gardener Duncan Munro, the show went out with a bang.

Phans who have seen the performance would know that, together with The Phantom and Billy Zane, Duncan plays a small role in the tale that Sammy tells. Last night Duncan wrote something of a resolution to that tale.

As the conclusion to the finale, Sammy called his former school gardener onto stage to share the limelight. Calling the show, and their friendship, "an enduring treasure that I will cherish forever", Duncan presented Sam with a gift of thanks for sharing the story of their interweaving journey.

Sammy and Duncan

That gift, as you can see here, was a beautifully commissioned Sy Barry painting. However the real treasure was delivered before the picture was revealed, and it's a genuine audience pleaser. Fair to say, it literally knocked Sammy to the floor.

Thanks to Sammy for sharing this with all of us - enjoy!

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