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More Details on the Phanfare Gallery Card Set

Sadly, it looks like the new Gallery trading card set has been delayed and will not be part of our Christmas Stockings this year. However Phantom artist Sal Velluto gave Facebook a sneak peak today of one of the sub sets, chase cards or features in the card set.

Over the weekend, Frew posted some preview cover images. On the Phantom's World Expedition to the Jungle part 2 (Frew 1771) back cover it has an image featuring a drawing by Velluto in the style of Ray Moore. The Phantom is in red and the Italian flag is in the background (full image at the bottom of the article) andfdf it has a phew phans talking!

Velluto went on to explain:

This is one of 12 cards I did, depicting the many colours of The Phantom's costume as they were first published through the years (hence the date) in different countries (hence the flag). The art is mine, but it wants to mimic the original artists. The colors, however are purposely not flat. (A choice we made with Eugenio Mattozzi) to create a mixture between old and new. The actual card set should be published soon. In the meantime the 12 images will also appear as back covers in future Frew publications.

Throughout the year, Sal has made inquiries of his Facebook followers regarding specific countries and costumes like Australia, Italy, France, USA and even more obscure countries like Indonesia and Yugoslavia. It will be interesting to see what the 12 cards will be, and whether it's part of the standard 90 or 110 card set, or a series of chase cards that are only in a select few packets.

When we know more, we will inform you...

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