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Shane Foley Interviewed on ABC Radio

One of Frew's newest cover artists is certainly starting to come into his own.

Frew #1768 - Shane Foley's third Frew cover

The emerging artist was interviewed on radio for ABC Wide Bay last week as promotion for his exhibition in the Wide Bay (Queensland Australia), and it's well worth a listen. Foley's exhibition Outcasts and Otherkind features inspiration drawn from the world of comic books and beyond.

In the interview Foley admits to not reading a lot of comics these days, but is happy to discuss what inspires him about older comics - the 60s and 70 are his preferred era. He opens up about the influence of Spider-Man artist Jack Kirby, and Conan the Barbarian also features heavily

Foley also tells us about reading The Phantom as his first comic, and how it's "great fun" having his Phantom artwork published by Frew.

You can read ChronicleChamber's own interview with Shane Foley here.

UPDATE - Shane read this article and replied to ChronicleChamber as follows:

Hmmmm - another comic I DO read regularly and for some reason didn't think of at the time is...the Phantom. Do'h! How could I forget that ? - especially when he's far more regular in publication than Hellboy! O well. Maybe it's because I was engulfed in Kirby talk at the time. Or maybe it's because I find modern Phantom stories a bit hit and miss - some are very good (such as the recent 'Predator's Road' - which was simply excellent!) while others to me don't quite have the powerful atmos that Falk originally gave the series. Still, quite a faux pas on my part!

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