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New Licensed Phantom Clothing Line

The Phantom has always been a popular character for clothing companies to put on their T-Shirts. In Australia we have had many in the 1980's and 1990's but since then it has been a bit quiet. Locally Target and Big W have dabbled with a few shirts but nothing like the 'good old days' with iconic and unique designs by a big name like Davenport. Maybe, just maybe, something is about to change.

ChronicleChamber can let the cat out of the bag that a big brand American brand store has received the license to release their own designed clothes. First up that is already hitting the stores are these brightly coloured skull mark Phantom boxer shorts.

Prices are fairly decent, around the $10US price. You will be lucky to find them on a web store and your best bet is to get that US Phantom phriend to hunt them down for you. If you look at the tag of the shorts in the photo below the same department store also has the license for Popeye and Hagar.

As we know more we will let you know. If we hear news that they are more readily available i.e. like through Phantoms Vault, we will also let you know along with any future designs and clothing that they release.

Keep your eye out on ChronicleChamber, the one place to find the latest Phantom news.

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