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What’s Going On With Frew?

While we did discuss it during the last episode of X-Band: The Phantom Podcast we’re still getting a lot of questions about what is going on with Frew Publications and the delay of their comics.

Well, in order to clear thing up here you can find everything we here at ChronicleChamber know about the situation.

For those of you who did listen to episode #34 of X-Band (and if you haven’t, why not? It’s great!) there isn’t any new info here (sorry). We’re simply re-stating the facts as we know them right now. The following is what we know is happening at Frew;

  • Frew hasn’t disappeared, they are simply going through some internal changes due to Judith leaving.

  • Dudley Hogath, the man we feel is truly responsible for the renaissance at Frew, WILL be staying on at Frew.

  • The 80th Anniversary issue WILL be a special! We haven’t heard much about it other than it may very well be the best special to date!

  • We will get at LEAST the same amount of issues this year as we did in 2015, they will just be out a little later. The important part of this statement is the “at least” part. We may get even more issues than usual.

  • The comics WILL be out, later this month or early February.

And that’s it. That is literally all we know! As soon as we here more, however, you can be sure you’ll find that info here!

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