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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #195 - July 2021 Comics & News

Jermayn Parker and Dan Fraser with input by regulars Mikael Lyck, Stephen East and Ankit Mitra review all the latest Phantom news and comics from around the world across five continents.

We review comics from Frew Publications, Regal Publications and Fantomen plus spend time discussing a big month of Phantom news of new publishers and comics to come in the near future, new items to buy plus some new dates for Supanova events in Australia for the back end of 2021. Frew also drop a huge hint for a potential Christmas present.

We also touch upon the sad passing of Claes Reimerthi which we go into more detail and reflection in our X-Band: The Phantom Podcast Episode #194.

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If you only want to listen to specific reviews of the comics and or news, we have included a timeline for you to follow. Enjoy!

Frew Publications

Frew 1896 (4 Minutes)

  • "Rotten Apples" by Duncan Munro and Jeff Weigel

Frew 1897 (25 Minutes 30 Seconds)

  • "Fishers of Pearls" by Lee Falk and Ray Moore

  • "The Maharajah's Daughter" part 2 by Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy

  • "The Maharajah's Daughter" part 1 by Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy

Frew 1898 (30 Minutes 30 Seconds)

  • The Messengers of the Jungle” by Donne Avenell and Georges Bess

Regal Publishers

Regal #13 (46 Minutes 30 Seconds)

  • "Temple of the Gods, Part 1: The U-Boat Mystery" by Tony DePaul, George Olesen, Keith Williams, and Paul Ryan

  • "Temple of the Gods, Part 2: Return to Eden" by Tony DePaul and Paul Ryan

Regal #14 (50 Minutes 30 Seconds)

  • "Woduro's Secret" by Claes Reimerthi and Graham Nolan

  • "The Viking Fortress Mystery" by Tony DePaul and Graham Nolan

Regal #15 (53 Minutes 30 Seconds)

  • "The Ghost Wall" by Tony De Paul, George Olesen, and Keith Williams

  • "The Crime Apprentices" by Tony De Paul and Paul Ryan


Fantomen 16/2021 (57 Minutes 40 Seconds)

  • "Nosferatus hämnd" by Claes Reimerthi and Janusz Ordon

Fantomen 17/2021 (59 Minutes 30 Seconds)

  • "Den förbjudna skogen" ("The Llongo Forest") by Tony DePaul and Mike Manley

Daily / Sunday Stories

Sunday: "The Visitor" (1 Hour)

Daily: "To Wrack and Ruin at Gravelines" 1 Hour 17 Minutes 30 Seconds)

Phantom News

  • News from Frew (1 hour 27 minutes)

  • 7 Foot Phantom (link) (1 hour 34 minutes)

  • 2020 Best Fantomen Cover Announced (link) (1 hour 37 Minutes 30 Seconds)

  • Classic Phantom NECA Figurine Announced (link) (1 hour 41 Minutes)

  • Claes Reimerthi Passing (link) & memorial podcast (link) (1 hour 48 Minutes)

  • Hermes DC collection Series Volume 1 out soon (link) (1 Hour 50 Minutes 45 Seconds)

  • Shakti Comics have a new license to produce in Bengali and Hindi and maybe in English as well (1 Hour 54 Minutes 30 Seconds)

  • New Supanova dates for Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane (2 Hour 30 Seconds)

If you have ever wanted to do your own Chronicle Chamber reviews we are looking for any French / Canadian fans who have a copy and can review the latest Editions Dante TPB as well as anyone who can review the PNG Shields Book and the 2021 Mallon Diary. We are also still on the look out for a Brazilian fan who can review all the new Mythos Phantom comics.

Please email us at if you are interested.

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