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X-Band: Phantom Podcast #256 - Pitching a Phantom TV Series

We are getting excited about the confirmation on the official KFS Phantom page that a new TV series is in development. Obviously with the very small notice given we don’t know much at all, but that’s not going to stop us speculating wildly!

For big news like this, we’ve got Chronicle Chamber members from all over the world to share in the excitement with Mikael Lyck, Ankit Mitra and Duncan Munro joining Dan Fraser and Jermayn Parker. Given we know next to nothing (read “absolutely nothing”) about what this series is actually going to look like, we decided to make out like this podcast as a pitch meeting with KFS where each of us pitch our concept to the showrunners, hoping to get greenlit for our idea to make the series.

The five elevator pitches are:

  • A Defenders reboot, centred around a near-future Kit Walker NYPD who grows into his Phantom legacy as a team develops to battle a new-age Ming.

  • A two-speed narrative, with a season-long Presidential coup in the 21st Phantom’s time developing alongside episode-length tales of past Phantom’s from the Chronicles.

  • A post-apocalyptic world creates a Mad Max-style ‘jungle’, where the story of a mysterious Phantom fighting for the moral good is told almost exclusively through the eyes of others.

  • We follow the earliest adventures.of the 21st Phantom as he develops, through to the eventual avenging of his father’s murder by Rama Singh.

  • A “Year One” style series with a new young Phantom developing his craft, with a focus on character development and a secondary "Year One" storyline of the very first Phantom.

Please note, we had some connection issues with the recording of this podcast so please bare with any glitches on the video and or audio.

Some generic questions about the Phantom TV Series we discussed and would love your input as well:

  • All but Ankit Mitra had a tv show with a 'Year One' theme. Would you like to see that or an established Phantom?

  • Does the show need to be about the 21st Phantom?

  • Would a Defenders of the Earth themed TV Show work with Flash, Lothar and Mandrake?

  • Is establishing the lore important throughout the show for 'new' fans?

  • Does Billy Zane have to be involved somehow?

  • What is more important with your actors? Their voice, strength or their acting skills?

  • Are we allowed to show the Phantoms eyes throughout the show?

  • Can we have Singh as bad guys? The 1996 Phantom movie, famously changed them to Sangh.

  • Does the Phantom need to stay in the jungle during the TV show?

  • How can the TV Show find the balance to be removed from the 'White Saviour' problem like Tarzan and other super heroes from a bygone era?

If you have any feedback on our pitches, you can email us at or chat with us via our social media profiles with your feedback at Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram. Please also let us know of your own pitch.

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