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X-Band: Phantom Podcast #210 - Jeff Parker - 'Kings Watch' Writer

The boys Jermayn Parker, Dan Fraser and Stephen East join together to interview Jeff Parker the writer of the popular Dynamite Entertainment "Kings Watch" series.

Jeff also returned to write the Flash Gordon "Kings Cross" series which ended the series of Dynamite Entertainment exploring the King Features characters they had licensed.

If you enjoyed the "Kings Watch" series (or even hated what they did), this podcast is a must watch / listen. Jeff is very candid in his comments and details why he chose to have an imposter fulfilling the role of the Phantom.

He also answers the question that has been on some phans lips since the character Jen was introduced as the missing Walker heir. Was that his idea or someone else's?

Jeff also talks about other plots and tid bits which you may find interesting, some of them are:

  • The uncredited co writer to the Flash Gordon "Kings Cross" storyline.

  • What the inspiration was for giant tarantula formed out of drowned apes.

  • The un named Phantom imposter who took over the role was at one time going to be wearing a Skull Mark on his face by the previous Phantom.

  • The relationship between Lothar and the Phantom and how he became an obvious replacement.

  • How Jeff got the gig for Dynamite Entertainment and then how that morphed into a modern version of the 1980's classic TV show.

  • Why Sydney, Australia faces perhaps the most dangerous beast/alien in the comic.

  • Why its important to mess with fans slightly.

  • When Jeff released that the Phantom was going to die.

  • What was Jeffs vision for the missing Phantom if Jen was not shoehorned into the role.

To get in touch with Jeff Parker, you can follow him on twitter @JeffParker or his website

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