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Vote for the Best Cover of Fantomen 2020

In Fantomen issue 6-7/2021, a bit later than usual, we can now vote for your favourite 2020 Fantomen comic cover. You can vote here at this website.

I would say it is a tough year, the covers for 2020 had an amazing high quality.

If you want to hear what me and the guys in the X-Band: The Phantom podcast thought was the best covers you can listen to Phans' Phavourites of 2020 here. (Around the 42 minute mark).

New prize

You can win a limited print featuring art of the winning cover. Earlier the raffle prizes has been T-shirts or Tote bags, so very exciting with a new kind of giveaway!

This is open for international phans with the winning prize sent free of charge to your address.

You can vote until 5th of April and the result will be announced in Fantomen 16/2021 with a poster of the winning cover as a supplement.


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