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Unlicensed Phantom Statues by Marco Navas Estudio (Spain)

For keen phans, the name Marco Navas Estudio is not a new company as they release a previous statue of the Phantom in three colours - purple, blue and red in 2011. 10 years later they are now releasing another set with more characters.

It is worth noting up front, these are NOT licensed.

You can either buy the whole set (link to buy) which includes all statues including the Bengallan guard and the skull light. That will cost you 150€ plus shipping (170US, $240AU & 1550sek/nok). Please note, the Bengallan guard and the skull light are only available with the set price.

If you would like to buy individually the costs are 40€ each plus shipping (45US, $65AU & 450sek/nok). The individual sets are:


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