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Review of Zauberstern Phantom #6

Christian Moller reviews the latest issue from Zauberstern #6 which features the following stories:

  • "Götterdämmerung, Teil 2" ("Godfall, Part 2") by Mike Bullock and Silvestre Szilagyi

  • "Götterdämmerung, Teil 3" ("Godfall, Part 3") by Mike Bullock and Silvestre Szilagyi

  • "Götterdämmerung, Teil 4" ("Godfall, Part 4") by Mike Bullock and Silvestre Szilagyi

  • "Götterdämmerung, Teil 5" ("Godfall, Part 5") by Mike Bullock and Silvestre Szilagyi

These stories are reprints originally from Moonstone from 2010. The cover art by Art Thibert who drew the original cover for Moonstone. The main poster art is by Henrik Salhstrom. There are other featured pin ups through out the comic.

These stories featured in this comic are my favourite stories that have been featured in the Zaubertsern comics so far.

This comic is of great value with 88 page of comics in full colour on great quality paper.

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