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Review of Shakti Comics Phantom #4 & #5

This is my first review for Chronicle Chamber, hope you enjoy it. The stories featured are:

  • "The Den of Tigers" by Tony DePaul and Paul Ryan

  • "Mexico's Phantom" by Tony DePaul and Paul Ryan

Shakti Comics is the second publication in India which is now producing Phantom comics beside Regal. Unlike Regal, Shakti also publishes the comics in three languages Including - English, Hindi and Bengali. They have released 5 comics so far which have been pretty good.

After releasing the third issue in March 2022, Shakti released two more issues in June 2022 and August 2022. These two issues contain the final parts of the Phantom and Mexico stories by Tony DePaul and Paul Ryan.

Issue 4 has a cover by Ankit Mitra. With this issue Shakti has used Spot UV on the cover, which look very nice.

The comics features the Daily story 'The Den of Tigers' by Tony DePaul and Paul Ryan. It also includes a recap of what happened in the previous issue before starting the story, which gives it a very Indrajal nostalgia feel. The story is very well printed by Shakti on a much more thicker glossy paper then what Regal uses.

The comics has a pin up poster in the middle with Art by Abhishek Biswas and a freebee of a phantom sticker with art by him as well. The back cover features an ad for the next issue, which does give it the Indrajal feel.

Issue 5 has a cover done by Abhishek Biswas. It is his first Phantom cover and it is a very good one. This cover us also spot UV which is very nice.

It features the Daily story 'Mexico's Phantom' by Tony DePaul and Paul Ryan. This issue also has a recap of the last issue. This story has also been printed well by Shakti. The back cover of this comic also features what is to come in the next issue as "Death Comes to the Phantom from the Sky". This comics includes a sticker of the phantom as a freebee.

Shakti has produced quality products so far. However they do need to keep up their quality and production with their next issues to properly catch up with the other publishers.

You buy the issues from Shakti's website if your in India. If your outside India, Frew Publications sells them on their website or you can trade with an Indian phan.

Editors Note: Thank you for your patience for waiting for these reviews - hence why we are reviewing issues #4 and #5 here, we will go back to reviewing singular issues again. Thank you also for Seuj Abir for filling in the hole left by Ankit Mitra. Please note, all our reviews are also featured in our monthly X-Band: The Phantom Podcast's.


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