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Review of Shakti Comics #7

Shakti Comics has been publishing some great comic books for Indian Phans.

They are known for their continuous experimental improvements with their comics. The comics may not come out as frequently as Regal's however that is mainly due to reasons like them publishing the comics in three different languages (English, Hindi and Bengali). Production delays do not help either.

Shakti Comics released their Phantom comics #7 back in February of this year. Continuing from #6 they have been releasing them in a slightly larger format than before. This larger format makes the comics more easier to read and the presentation better.

#7 features two different covers, both by Abhishek Biswas. The first, being the regular cover is featured on the three language versions. The second is the black and white cover printed in English version. The price for the variant cover is slightly more than the normal one. The black and white cover is the one I personally prefer.

The story in this comic is the Daily story "Then Came Towns Ellerbee" by Tony DePaul and Mike Manley.

The story has been presented quite well on slightly thicker paper than the one used by Regal. A recap on the previous stories in the Mexican saga is also explained. With the recap, two pictures of Tony DePaul and Mike Manley are also featured.

With the last two issues, the phans who preceded the comics in both variants have been receiving cardboard standees of the phantom and related characters as freebies. Issue #6 came with standees of The Phantom and Diana, #7 came with standees of The Phantom and Guran. The standees look great and have been loved by other phans who got them.

Shakti, with their new format seems to have improved their product, but they still haven't gotten a fixed format as of yet. The new format makes the comics look like a standard comics magazine and poses the question of the need for high priced variant covers. There is also the constant delays in getting a product out which has been frustrating for many phans.

I hope Shakti focuses on these problems and find a fixed format for their comics. They should also mind their constant delays and try to deliver products in due time. In the end we hope they continue delivering good products and wish the best on their next ventures.

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