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Review of Frew's Pholio #8 - Generations

Along with the latest Frew Collector Card series, they also released their newest set of Pholio prints. These Pholio's have been a popular ongoing series since the first one was released five years ago.

This series focuses on the generations of the Phantom and features art by 13 Australian Phantom artists.

Sold for $95Au +postage on the Frew website. 65euro, $65US and 670sek/nok.

The generational nature of the Phantom is one of the most powerful elements with the character and Frew are doing a great job using this element. The artists involved in this pholio set and the Phantom's they presented are:

  1. Chewie Chan: Gaslight Phantom

  2. Shane Foley: The 1st Phantom

  3. Glenn Ford: The Interbellum Phantom

  4. Antonio Lemos: The 21st Phantom

  5. Glenn Lumsden: The Cowboy Phantom

  6. Lily McDonnell: The Belle Époque Phantom

  7. Jeremy MacPherson: The 17th Phantom and Julie

  8. Lauren Marshall: The 22nd Phantom (Kit & Heloise)

  9. Paul Mason: The Vietnam Phantom

  10. Jason Paulos: The Phantom Crusader

  11. Daniel Picciotto: The Second World War Phantom

  12. Alex Trpcevski: The 9th Phantom & Flame

  13. Grange Wallis: The Robot Phantom

In the above video review we go over each print design and highlight our favourites.

All our reviews including comics are included in our monthly X-Band: The Phantom Podcasts. You can find out more at our website and or subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos.


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