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Review of Frew's Graphic Novel #2 'The Ghost & The Monster'

Jermayn Parker and Dan Fraser review the Frew's second graphic novel titled "The Ghost and the Monster". You can buy this graphic novel on the Frew website and many local Australian comic book shops.

The story was written by Andrew Constant‎ and drawn by Giancarlo Caracuzzo. Giancarlo's daughter Flavia Caracuzzo coloured the story.

In our review we look at the cover, the art, the storyline and our overview opinions of the book.

Notes from Jermayn's review is below in bullet point:

  • Thought the cover was a bit bland and doesn't scream out 'Buy Me'.

  • Really enjoyed Giancarlo's art and his daughters colours. Suits the story and work well together. They are a great team.

  • Andrew and Giancarlo work well together.

  • The fight scenes flow well.

  • Does the monster and Frankenstein theme work with the Phantom?

  • The past Phantom cameo of the 17th Phantom was enjoyable.

  • Andrew wrote Diana perfectly. One of the few that can make Diana more than just a damsel in distress. Creators take note.

  • Unsure if the jail holding the bad guy is Phantom-like. Does the Phantom dwell outside justice?

  • Would like to see more from this team and at least one graphic novel a year.

(Please note, these are just the opinions of the reviewers. It is ok to agree or even disagree and let us know why on social media).

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