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Review of Frew Publications Pholio #9 Set

We review the latest Frew Publications Pholio set with the theme of Villains featuring the Phantom battling an arch enemyies from Ming The Merciless, Chatu, General Bababu, the Thuggees and many others. These prints are drawn and designed by 13 Australian Frew cover artists.

You can buy the pholio set from Frew's website for $95Au plus shipping. That is 13 prints for less than $10Au.

The 13 artists and the villains they included on their print are:

  • Antonio Lemos - T Terrorists

  • Jeremy Macpherson - The Scarlett Princess

  • Chewie Chan - Chatu

  • Shane Foley - The Gurk Twins, The Thuggees, The Governer & Mr Hog (WIlson McCoy themed baddies)

  • Matt Kyme - General Bababu

  • Grange Wallis - Ming the Merciless

  • Glenn Ford - The Toad Men

  • Alex Trpcevski - The Vultures

  • Lauren Marshall - Pirates

  • Marcelo Baez - Miss Mist

  • Paul Mason - Kid Boff

  • Jason Paulos - Frankenstein's Monster

  • Glenn Lumsden - Moogoo

Have you brought it? or will you buy it? We would love to hear your thoughts on this Pholio set and the others. Do you have a favourite Pholio set? Do you collect posters and prints?


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