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Review of Fantomen 6-7/2023

Mikael Lyck from Chronicle Chamber reviews Fantomen 6-7/2023 featuring the following stories:

  • "Belle époque, del 2: På takåsarna i Paris" ("On the Roofs of Paris") by Pidde Andersson and Percy Ochoa

  • "Fredsmäklaren" ("The Albee") by Lee Falk, George Olesen, and Keith Williams

Cover by Luca Erbetta, reused from the 2021 schedule poster. I believe this was not planned but the scheduled artist couldn't meet the deadline.

I really am enjoying this Bella Epoque arc of stories, in my opinion part 2 is as good as the first and I am looking forward to the rest of the stories.

The second story is in my opinion a weak story, Phantom goes back and forth and promotes talking instead of waring. However even though it is weak, I think it is good that Fantomen prints those stories in the magazine. This has never been previously published by Fantomen so we might as well have all of them published in the Swedish comic book.

Then the rest of the issue is dedicated to a full length French side comic, “La venin” Another amazing story to fill the Fantomen pages in my opinion. It is a Western story about the daughter of a prostitute that grows up and seeks vengence. Very nice setting.

Then we have the previews of issue 8, we will get the last part of the side comic "Libertalia" and a new Team Fantomen story from a new Fantomen writer, Jörgen Karlsson. He is the writer of the great comic "Karl Kämpe" so this will be a treat, he is joined by the artist Carlos Pedrazzini.

There is also information about how to vote for the best cover of 2022, there is more info about this in the Chronicle Chamber article.

Until next time, Happy Phantoming!

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