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The Phantom Video Game Updates - 1 July 2024: Video Trailer, Merch to Buy & Competition

The Phantom Video Game has made an exciting announcement with 1 July 2024 being the next key date for the video game currently in development.

On their social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and X) they have announced on 1 July 2024, the website will be updated along with the release an updated game trailer.

This game trailer will feature footage from 13 of the 15 levels plus a hint of the storyline. Up to this date, we do not know the storyline. What we have seen so far, is the Phantom asking where someone is. Has someone been kidnapped?

The other exciting development is on their website, they will be selling officially licensed merchandise. They have teased it will contain items from shirts to resin statues. Ash Nicholls has talked about these resin statues on his past podcast interviews with us. We have been told that the line up of items to buy will be released in a weeks time.

The third announcement is that they will be having a competition for a signed NECA figurine by Billy Zane.

In other related news Ash Nicholls will be featured at a panel at Sydney Supanova on Saturday 22 June 2024 and will be the guest at the 2024 LFMBEC dinner on Saturday 22 June also. Keep an eye on our Australian convention page with details on the guests for Sydney Supanova plus other events.


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