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Phantom Phan & Creator on Breakfast with Sammy J

Victorians would have had a ball listening to Sammy J on the ABC radio Melbourne on Friday 26 June as he interviewed Phantom phan and creator Duncan Munro as they talked about the Phantom and the latest comic Duncan wrote in Frew issue 1869 "Held to Account".

Of course Duncan and Sammy J have a long history which is best explained by the 2016-2017 award winning show called "Hero Complex". If you missed out on that we recommend visiting our dedicated Hero Complex page.

To pay tribute to the show, Duncan Munro wrote a Phantom comic also titled "Hero Complex" with art by Sunday Phantom artist Jeff Weigel, it was voted as the phan phavourite of 2019 by you.

Also a big shout out to Chronicle Chambers own Stephen East who was able to ring up and give Sammy J a friendly serve about the Billy Zane podcast interview we managed to get and to plug our website.


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