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Patreons Invited to Podcast 200th Recording

As you may be aware, our 200th podcast is fast approaching and we wanted to make it special so we have invited all the current patreons to join us for our 200th podcast on Saturday 28th August.

This is a private invite only for patreons and will be joined by Tony DePaul and Jeff Weigel (and maybe one other Phantom creator) who both need no introduction as they are amazing Newspaper, Frew and Team Fantomen creators and have their worked published in four continents.

They have agreed to answer our questions by us phans during the podcast, so this is your chance to ask any Phantom related questions you may have. A couple we think that would be good questions to ask are:

  • Will you ask about the Phantom costume changes?

  • Will you ask Tony DePaul if he is going kill off the 21st Phantom?

Do you have any other any questions?

To join all you will need to do is have Zoom (click to download the program on your device) and be a patreon. Attached below is an image showing the times around the world, if you want to check your own time that is maybe not on the list, click here.

If you have questions please email us at To learn more about being a ChronicleChamber Patreon, please click here.


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