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New Phantom Puzzle by Ikon Collectables

Ikon Collectables is back with a bang producing quality low cost items perfect for every Christmas present. Like the heat changing mug, also available for November 2020 is a new Phantom 1,000 piece puzzle.

While the mug includes a new design which we have praised, this includes similar style guide images but presented in a new way with the Phantoms in the sky looking very multi generational and the Skull Cave and Phantom Head fitting nicely together. These look presented very similar as the PhanFare style puzzles released by Glenn Ford.

On the Ikon Collectibles website it has no price but the Titan Pop Culture website (a Perth based store) has them listed at $24.99 (plus postage).

Again talk to your local comic store if you want to get these in. Otherwise we suggest tagging your loved ones in our social media posts to give them a hint that you want these added to your Christmas list.

Will Ikon Collectables release anything new? If they do, we will let you know!


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