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New Jungle Patrol Headwear for All

Reapers Quest (formally Wulfric Media) are now taking orders for their new headwear being a hat and beanie - perfect for the Australian winter.

In our X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #174 with Kelby Wooldridge, he spoke a lot about his love for the unique Phantom's Jungle Patrol which is clearly demonstrated with his new Jungle Patrol hat and beanie.

It must be said having a Phantom product not actually featuring The Phantom is somewhat unique and new. Other characters and publishers have the ability to have cross platform but does the Phantom? These Jungle Patrol products will be a great test.

All orders can be made from their website:

While some of the prices for their rings may be priced beyond all phans, the headgear are not.

As per normal Reapers Quest are producing a top quality product with a great attention to detail especially with their product packaging. Below is a gallery of the items along with a sneak peak video of both hat and beanie from Kelby.

Will you be buying one?


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