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New Norway Fantomet Book to be Released in 2024

Exciting news for the Norwegian phans with an announcement on social media that 2024 will see a new publication in the European summer or early autumn (likely July to September).

Details are still sparse but the news has been a welcomed shot in the arm after a hard last couple of years with their regular magazine cancelled in 2018, the replacement softcover album series only lasting two issues in 2020 and the Kronologisk series cancelled in 2023.

This book will be about 150 pages and will feature new never before published stories in Norway plus some reprint newspaper stories that have likely not been published many times or even at all. It almost sounds like the recent Annual albums and the two issue softcover album that was cancelled in 2020.

A couple of possible classic Phantom stories that could be published are "The Flying Horse", "The Two Signs", "The Scorpia", "The Crown Jewels of Cobra", "The White Princess", "Wambo the Gambler" and "The Gray Gang". All these stories were never published in the regular Fantomet magazine.

Below is the original social media post (with the translation) and when we know more, we will post on our platforms.


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