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New Fantomen Comic Folder (samlarmapp) Design

Samlarmapp (comic folders) are very popular in Scandinavian countries as a way to store comics and it is no different with Fantomen readers. For others they are simply a new collectible to track down and collect.

Either way phans will be happy to find out that there is a new design based on the popular Henrik Salhstrom design for Fantomen 25-26/2019. Interestingly this cover came third in the votes for "2019 Best Cover" and was Henrik's most favoured of the covers he drew for 2019.

This is what both sides of the comic folder look like:

These sell for 39 Swedish Krona each PLUS postage on the website. 39 kr equals roughly $5US, $6.50AU & 4euros which makes them very reasonably priced.

On the website it shows the previous design but some phans have been receiving the new designs with their latest order.

These Samlarmapp (comic folders) were first released back in the 1970's. For the collector who wants to know more about these folders, we recommend you watching the video below of me going through examples of comic storage products including past designs of these popular Samlarmapp (comic folders).

Let us know if you are interested in a historical breakdown of each design from each Scandinavian country from the last four decades for a possible future article.


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