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Maku Brewing Release Three New Phantom Themed Beer Cans

2023 saw Maku Brewing release four Phantom themed beer cans and it was very popular. Now in 2024, they have announced three new themed beer cans which will excite all phans.

In our 2023 review podcast (due out 10 January 2024), majority of the team voted it as one of their best Phantom themed items for sale in 2023.

More information is to come but like last time you will be able to purchase them from their website and local shops from Finland.

This time the theme are tribute covers from classic Mustanaamio covers from the 1970's and 1980's. From left to right above the covers are from the 1985 Christmas Album and covers from 26/1981 and 1/1976. You can see an example of the tribute below.

On their first release the theme was Sy Barry images.

We have yet to review the first release and hopefully we will bring a review of this new release soon as well. The best way to import these to your own fridge is by a trade. If you can help review the cans and the drink itself, please get in touch with us.


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