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Introducing Daniel Carlsson, new Fantomen writer

Fantomen 9/2021 is released April 15 2021 and will feature a new story by new writer Daniel Carlsson with art by Anthony Spay. The story is set in the 1920's as the Phantom battles grave robbers and then an ancient curse associated with the grave.

In chatting with Daniel we learnt that he comes from Sweden and grew up on the Fantomen like many Scandinavians and treasured the moments he went home from school and received the latest Phantom magazine to devour.

Prior to writing this script he also worked at Egmont up until 2018 which included hiring and working with the previous editor Mikael Sol. His role at Egmont was as publisher and development manager for several of the comic titles including The Phantom.

When asked what he loved about The Phantom. Like many of us, his love for the Phantom is the mythology and history surrounding the character, his adventures and how the Phantom was such a valiant champion of good.

Daniel further comment that he was really excited to get the chance to write a story for his beloved hero and he hopes it captures some of the things he loves about the Phantom.

Will there be any other stories coming from Daniel? Only time will tell...


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