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Introducing Charles Paul Wilson III - Next Phaffle Piece for Unicef

Phans may know that Chronicle Chamber is in the middle of a campaign with artists around the world who are donating their time and original artworks to support Unicef and displaced children in the war of Ukraine.

Today we are introduced to Charles Paul Wilson III an artist from USA who has donated the following piece. The artwork is pen on 6”x9” watercolor paper.

Charles works on a book called "The Stuff of Legend" (Amazon link), along with a comic called "Wraith" with Joe Hill, and he has done cover work on Ninja Turtles, The Shadow, Hulk and Superman.

You can find out more about Charles at his Facebook and or Instagram.

Attached is a video we did with Charles. The phaffle will be starting Wednesday 20th April. The tickets will be $10 AU each with a minimum of 13 needed before we draw. The winner will have this piece posted to them for free.

A huge thanks to Charles Paul Wilson III for his donation and support to Unicef who are supporting the children from Ukriane.


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