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Hermes Announce "DC Series" Hardcover Reprint Series

Hermes Press has announced that they will be re releasing the 1980's DC Series stories into a three volume series hardcover reprint series. The series will be very similar as past publications were they have previously republished USA publications like the Charlton, King and Gold Key series.

Hermes first volume is due out in May 2021 and will feature the four stories from the mini series and two from the regular series. Volume two and three will feature the remainder of the regular series. No release dates on volume two and three have been announced at this date.

The cost will be $50US which is $65AUD, €40 Euro and 415sek. Obviously prices will likely change in May 2021.

Like with their Daily, Sunday, Don Newton and Jim Aparo hardcover series, there will be extras in editorials, extra art scans and essays included. No word if Hermes will be digitally altering the colours like previously.

The four-part mini series published by DC Comics in 1988 was written by Peter David and drawn by Joe Orlando and Dennis Janke. The amazing covers were created by Joe Orlando, Dave Gibbons & coloured by Anthony Tollin.

Following its success, a regular series was launched the following year published from 1989-1990. Plans were in place to continue the series but due to low sales the license was not renewed after the first year and the series ended with the 13th issue. The series was written by Mark Verheiden, drawn by Luke McDonnell who also drew the covers and coloured by Anthony Tollin.

We have been lucky enough to interview both DC creators artist Luke McDonnell and writer Mark Verheiden in our X-Band: The Phantom Podcasts. Below are the video podcast interviews.

If you are a phan of this series, these podcasts are a must watch / listen. During the podcasts both creators were asked about republication by Hermes, either at that stage it was not on the cards or they held their cards close to their chest.


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