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Frew Publishing The World of the Phantom Stories

Frew sneaked in a new concept at the back of Frew 1876 with the publication off the short two page story "Heloise on Adventure" which is a 2014 Team Fantomen story, written by Alan Sonne, with art by Kim W. Andersson.

It is the first in the The World of the Phantom series of short stories and the first Frew Publishing has published in their comic.

With the "Heart of Darkness" saga soon coming to end, it is important to see what Frew are going to do with the left over pages in their 36 page regular comic. The stories created by Team Fantomen and Frew are normally 22-24 pages. While forum letters are phun to read, majority would prefer another Phantom story to read.

Since "Heloise on Adventure" which was the first "World of the Phantom" stories Team Fantomen has published 18 short stories ranging from two pages to four pages. Alan Sooner, is a psydeum for Fantomen editor Mikael Sol. The other creators are: Kim W. Andersson, Jimmy Wallin, Karl Johnsson, Lars Krantz, Elin Jonsson, Cristiano Crescenzi and Anders Végh Blidlöv.

Majority of the stories are focused on either familiar secondary characters like Guran, Kit and Heloise, or Hzz, or other original characters while clearly set in the same continuity as the regular Team Fantomen universe. However some are tribute stories with the art style in Ray Moore, Wilson McCoy and Sy Barry which you can see below.

If you would like to learn more about the series, I would suggest the Phantom Wiki - link to the "World of the Phantom stories".

It remains to be seen if Frew publish all 18 and even if Team Fantomen creates more or if Frew will use these as fillers and create their own. As raised in the X-Band: The Phantom Podcast episode #169, we all wonder if these style of stories will suit the potential Coles market more as well?


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