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Frew Phantom Comics Now Distributing Through Coles

In Frew 1875, Dudley Hogarth announced that Frew Publications are now having their comics distributed through a major Australian supermarket chain in Coles. In the Message from the Publisher Dudley said the comics are now distributed in 500 stores Australia wide.

Approx 80% of all Australians shop at either Coles and Woolworths (the other main Australian supermarket chain). According to the Coles website they have 2,500+ stores in Australia and 21 million visitors to their shops weekly.

That is a huge amount of customers who can become new phans and to help reconnect old phans.

Time will tell if this move brings about an increase of sales, however getting the comics to where the public can see the comics is a start. Now it is over to Frew, to get these customers to buy and become long life phans.

Gary on Facebook has already posted a photo of Frew 1875 in the wild. It is also worth noting that Coles do not offer the comic on their 'click and collect' service.

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