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Fantomen 2021 Christmas Album Now on Sale

Photos have started to emerge around social media of eager fans getting their hands on the Fantomen 2021 Christmas Album which is the longest ongoing Phantom publication in the world. The first was published in 1944.

Cover artist Henrik Salhstrom again delivers a striking bold eye catching cover with the Phantom battling a tiger. Henrik has been the cover artist for the Christmas albums since 2016.

While the magazine is not yet available at the time of this article published on some websites like and, it is available at local shops along with the other Semic Christmas albums. Below is a photo of the Christmas album display stand with various other festive magazines.

A review from our phriend Mikael Lyck will follow next week.

The contents are newspaper stories:

  • "The Animal Collector" by Tony DePaul and George Olesen and Keith Williams.

  • "The Bride of Xali" by Lee Falk and Sy Barry

  • "The Swamp Dragon" by Lee Falk and Sy Barry

On top of the above stories it includes a facsimile copy of the 1971 album which featured Lee Falk and Sy Barry stories "The Golden People" and "The Missing Link".

On top as an extra Christmas bonus to celebrate passed away legend Rolf Gohs, we get an unpublished Gohs cover for "The Bride of Xali" story (included right).

This is the first "The Animal Collector" story has been published in Sweden.

Thanks to the Fantomen readers and fans who let us know about the album being released.


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