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Elements of the Phantom Part 2: The Places

In episode 196 of X-Band: The Phantom Podcast the Phellas discuss the elements of the Phantom that they think are the most important to the character. They are the elements that make The Phantom The Phantom not just some generic spandex wearing comic hero.

Over the coming weeks Chronicle Chamber will post a series of polls to get your opinions about what you think are the most important elements to our hero.

Feel free to discuss your responses on our socials but as always please keep your arguments civil (Old Social Media Saying)

Happy Phantoming!

Image Credits

  • Phantom Country Banner - Sy Barry

  • Skull Cave - Sy Barry D81

  • Deep Woods - Paul Ryan D231 11/3

  • Jungle - Paul Ryan D216 17/4

  • Bangalla - Ozcan Eralp

  • Frasertown - Ray Moore D003

  • Phantom Country - Sy Barry S142


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