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Did He Say Milk?

Is it OK for the Phantom to drink anything but milk?

Recently in a Tony DePaul and Mike Manley Daily strip, the Phantom was shown pouring and drinking what can only be red wine with his wife Diana over dinner.

How do phans feel seeing The Phantom drinking anything else?

The Phantom is world known as a milk drinker. So much so several media campaigns has used the Phantom to promote the beverage.

The most famous one has to be with Billy Zane dressed up as the Phantom promoted milk with the "Got Milk" campaign.

The other popular campaign was with the Swedish "Norrmejerier" in 1998 with the Phantom holding a glass of milk. They even produced multiple products with a pin, recipe book, post cards and a refrigerator display sign. Below is a gallery of the items - more information can be found at this website.

Every Phantom phan would remember reading at least one story where the Phantom goes to a bar, pub, nightclub etc and orders a milk and then gets laughed at.

Tony DePaul and Mike Manley are not the only ones who have recently shown the Phantom drinking other beverages and potentially upset some die hard phans. In a Moonstone story titled "The Aviatrix Part 1" by Ben Raab, Pat Quinn and Ken Wheaton, it had a waiter giving a pinot grigo to Diana and a milk to Kit.

However if you look at the second set of panels, the Phantom has the same coloured beverage as Diana. Maybe, just maybe The Phantom was drinking pink quik.

What is interesting is that the text clearly says it is milk. If I was to guess, the text was modified after drawing / colouring by the artist by the writer or maybe even by the Phantom consultant which was Bryon 'Guran' Shedden at the time.

Where do you sit with this? Can the Phantom have a glass of wine with his wife or should he only stick to milk?

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