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Angelo Todaro Original Story Phantom Art Available to Buy

Angelo Todaro is a Phantom artist who has created Phantom stories and artwork for Fratelli Spada (Italian & French), Bastei (German) and Frew Publications (Australia). Angelo is now selling his original Phantom art which includes Frew covers and whole Phantom stories.

If interested you can contact him via his email at

A list of the stories & notable pages that are available for sale are:

  • Full story art for "The Honglong Kidnapping, Part 1 and Part 2" published in Frew Phantom's World Special No. 4 (2018) - 33 pages in total.

  • Full story art for "The Yacht Thieves" published in Frew #1820 - 22 pages in total.

  • Full story art for "Legacy of the Drummer" published in Frew #1895 - 24 pages in total.

  • Cover art for Frew Phantom's World Special No. 4 (2018)

The prices for the story art is €100 per page ($170Au, $110US, 1,200 sek/nok & 9,000 INR). Angelo is only selling the art for stories as a complete package - the art will not be separated. If you cannot afford to purchase a complete story, you could pool together a group of phans and purchase as a group.

Note that Angelo Todaro does have other one page art pages for sale so even if you cannot afford a full story or a cover, contact him for the other artwork he has available. It is worth noting that stories, pages and artwork will sell so this list will change as time goes by.


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