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2022 Fantomen Best Cover Announced

The results for the 2022 Fantomen Best Cover is now released in Fantomen 16/2023 and the winner is issue 4/2022 by Henrik Sahlström. Henrik has now won this award every year since 2016.

Second place was 10-11/2022 by Luca Erbetta. Third place was once again Henrik Sahlström with 25-26/2022.

All top 3 covers features "generic" motives, that is not directly connected to a specific story.

482 phans voted in total and the winning cover received 40% of those votes. in a similar trend as the best adventure for 2022 with a huge increase of votes, the amount of votes is more than there have been since 2010!

The full list with vote numbers for each cover is as follows:


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